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onFhir is a health tech start-up focusing on building tools for healthcare interoperability using HL7-FHIR ® standards to improve the health data insights and medical care.

We help with health data interoprabiltiy challange

Smarter decisions, fewer barriers, and better incentives are just the beginning.

onFHIR is a start-up company that makes it easy for healthcare stakeholders to collect and exchange data with our leading onFHIR data conversion platform.

We reduce barriers between information and care for those who deliver (or consume) health services and products, and whose roles are hindered by fractured, inaccessible or complex information systems.

Our Services

Health Data Conversion

onFHIR enables conversion of health data from legacy formats to FHIR. We use advance technologies of templating language and if needed, we can create new, or modify existing templates to meet specific conversion requirements.

Persist to a FHIR Server

onFHIR converter transforms any input data into FHIR bundles that can be persisted to a FHIR server.

If you don't have your own FHIR server we can help you create one.

Alternatively, it is also possible to persist data to onFHIR cloud solutions.

CLI Tools

In addtion to onFHIR cloud solutions, we supply CLI (command-line) tools to help with legacy data conversion on-premises or in the cloud as part of your software demand flows.

AWS Deployment

onFHIR supply a full SaaS solution running on AWS - Amazon Web Services.

AWS gives us the opportunity to use multiple tools and the highest security standards, that can speed up the delivery process and decrease working product implementation time.


onFHIR gives special attention to security, PHI (Protected Health Information) protection and compliance with highest standards as health care data demands.

onFHIR solutions are compliant with HIPAA and GDPR requirements for the healthcare industry.

Anonymization Tools

onFHIR gives a set of tools to de-identify health care data for the purpose of secondery use such as research, macine learning or public health.

This tool applies to the HIPAA Privacy standard known as Safe Harbor or Expert Determination.

Meet the Team

This is our team, smiling happy people who work hard for you!


Yuval Ishay

20 years of experience in software development and on health domain.

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